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  Praise : Feel Good Stories

Do you have a story about a company or person who went beyond your expectations? Has somebody impressed you and you want to share your story? Send it in to us and we will post it.

SMC - 2007

I recently called a tech company called SMC who produced my router. I had no clue how to configure the product so I called the toll free number for support. I must admit that when a gentleman with a strong Indian accent came on the line I was a little skeptical. The reason for my skepticism was a series of bad experiences dealing with Bell Canada and their Indian call centre who could never resolve any of my issues. The tech from SMC was very patient and very helpful. I would recommend this company as I had a good customer service experience and the product is working fine.

2008 - Mama's Pizza - Yonge Street near Sheppard Avenue, Toronto Ontario

I ordered 2 pizzas from Mamas Pizza February of 2007 - A Large for my kids and a party size for a group of adults. I drove to Mama's to pick up the order, paid and set off to go home. When I got home I discovered they had given me the wrong party size pizza (not the one I ordered).

I was a little pissed and was about to drive back to the pizzeria but I decided to stay calm and give them a call. When I called they apologized and told me they had discovered the error and had already sent out a delivery guy to bring the correct order. They brought the correct order within a few minutes - NO CHARGE - and insisted we keep the other pizza as well.

I was thoroughly impressed and will continue to order their delicious pizza's in the future. Good customer service is not dead everywhere!

Pancer's Deli - Bathurst Street north Toronto - 2008

The other day I went to Pancers Deli in North York. I always order the same thing; Lean Roast Beef on a Kaiser. They generally make a perfect deli sandwich. On this particular day they did not trim the fat off the meat and I could not eat the sandwich.

When I pointed this out to the waitress she and the manager offered to make me a new sandwich. I declined. They generously and I may add without hesitation told me that I did not need to pay for my meal. They apologized and said "We're Human."

I am definitely going back to Pancers and I encourage anyone who like a good deli sandwich to visit. Two thumbs up!!